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REWIRE Festival 2012

(Thu 18 October 2012)

The REWIRE Festival, a festival for contemporary art and music, will take place at unusual urban venues in The Hague’s Regentessekwartier from 2 to 4 November.


The adventurous festival takes place in and around the power plant just outside the city centre. A former office building, a church and parts of the old power plant itself will be used for the festival site. Visitors will take a voyage of discovery through sound, image and extraordinary places.


The programme features contemporary art exhibitions and performances, film screenings, talks by artists and cutting-edge concerts.


The REWIRE Festival focuses on the relationship between conventional art and music forms and recent developments, taking a closer look at developments in the avant-garde music and contemporary art scene. By programming certain themes, the festival tries to examine which relevant issues are evolving and appearing and what this all means from a historical perspective.

The REWIRE Festival will focus specifically on contemporary art and music. The festival features a musical line-up including Nosaj Thing (US), DIIV (US), Palmbomen (NL), Kangding Ray (FR) and Micachu & The Shapes (UK).


Nils Frahm & Anne Müller, and Washed Out (above right) perform at Rewire Festival 2011. Images © Rewire Festival. 

The exposition ‘A Matter of Time’ will be about perception, experience and the philosophical meaning of time as well as the influence and role of time. Works include photography, installations, video projections, sculptures, paintings, drawing and kinetic art.

Tickets for either Friday or Saturday cost € 18,50 and an all-inclusive weekend pass costs € 32. A ticket for Sunday is free except for the Micachu & The Shapes concert at Paard van Troje. Tickets can be purchased from the REWIRE Festival website or at the Free Record Shop and Van Leest stores.

For more information visit www.rewirefestival.nl.

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