Family Theatre: Parade (6+)

Theatre De Regentes presents a family show for audiences aged 6 years and above entitled 'Parade', taking place on Sunday, 5 February. 'Parade' is choreographed by award winning choreographer Tabea Martin.


'Parade' is a family show for everyone aged from 6 years. From a self-created, quirky world three dancers show us what can happen when one follows his own path.

Everyone is equal. And everyone is different. And being otherwise is okay: a little crazy, a little weird, a little goofy. So, a little bit. But how much is a little bit? And who decides that? Parade is a dance performance on what must, what may, what can, what shall, what should, what not, what is never and what if so?


"…. the questions ‘who decides?’ and ‘what does it matter?’ come to the surface in a humorous way." (TM)

In the work of Tabea Martin, human behaviour with all its funny and often moving discomforts is the central point. Martin trained in Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdam School of Arts and studied choreography at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts).


As a dancer, Martin was involved in several international companies such as Rogie&Company (NL), Fabian Chyle (G) and Nick Bryson (Irl). For the piece 'Duet For two Dancers', which she co-produced by Conny Janssen Danst and Dance Studios, she won the Aerowaves Studio Award. The performance 'Sofort Geniessen', which she created for the Theatre spectacle Zürich, was nominated for the ZKB Förderpreis. Last year, Tabea Martin won the Wim Barry Stipendia Award of the Prince Bernard Culture Fund.  



When: Sunday, 5 February ~ 15:00

Where: Theatre De Regentes, Weimarstraat 63, The Hague

Tickets: Adults € 11.00 / Children € 7.50

Bookings: Click here

Credits Theater de Regentes

Photography Anna van Kooij


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