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Candles Flame Training is a new company, offering professional courses on a variety of topics in computer use, training, leadership, personal development, and self-defence.

The courses are designed to give the students maximum attention and practice, while also providing a comfortable place to learn. All courses are taught in the English language by William Rumley-van Gurp, a United States expat, who has over 20 years of experience as a certified professional in training and martial arts.

Candles Flame Training offers a variety of training programmes.


In the Basic Professional Skills Programme, the Computer Skills courses will benefit you in doing your job more efficiently, as they are designed with increasing office productivity in mind. Enhancing proficiency with Microsoft programmes MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint offers students the ability to improve productivity, by giving priority to the content of their work. Candles Flame Training also offers basic computer skills in Windows, the Internet and Email.

The course on Presentation Skills includes: effective use of presentation equipment and tools, tricks and tips in presentation design, presentation delivery, etc.


In the Advanced Professional Training Programme, the Train-The-Trainer courses will offer content in areas a trainer needs in order to be effective. Geared towards classrooms and workshops, these courses give students a safe zone to practice their new skills.

The Leadership courses are designed to be uplifting and empowering. The resulting skills will have a direct impact on the relationships between a student and their colleagues and subordinates.

Event Management skills will be directed towards specific event structures in order to understand and effectively use logistics for unique events.


The Personal Development Programme offers students various skills to interact better with people. These courses include: assertiveness training, listening skills, understanding body language, coaching, and time management.

Two Self-defence courses are also available. Defensive Awareness training offers the tips and tricks to keep out of trouble in everyday situations. This two hour workshop offers examples in an interactive presentation. This is a non-physical training. The physical self-defence course teaches your specific techniques that will aid you in escaping conflict situations without resorting to heavy violence, thus controlling your own fear.


Candles Flame Training offers many different types of courses, but all have one thing in common: the student and his or her self development comes first. We look forward meeting you at one of the classes, hosted at the Delft Campanile Hotel which is famous for its hospitality for training events. See the training schedule at our website or just click the banner on the right side of the screen.

William Rumley-van Gurp
Candles Flame Training


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