ICP Seminar: The International Patient & Local Healthcare Services

The International Community Platform (ICP) invite you to their upcoming seminar on “The International Patient & Local Healthcare Services”. The seminar will be held on Thursday, 1 December from 15.30 - 18.30 at the European Patent Office in Rijswijk.

Healthcare for internationals upon arrival in a foreign country, due to changes in climate, nutrition and the distance from family and friends, people not always feel very well. They may be in need of medical help, at that time or later on during their stay. The introduction of foreign patients to the Dutch healthcare system is not always perceived as comfortable, neither by the international nor the health care worker. It adds unnecessary stress.

In 2010, the ICP conducted a survey amongst their international staff to learn more about the gap between actual and expected healthcare (see also: www.ICPlatform.nl). Last Spring, the outcomes were shared at executive level with your sector boards. The added value of wider distribution of these facts & figures was acknowledged; sharing the win-win situations that exist in optimizing healthcare services for the international patient.

The seminar: a healthy business case
The ICP members are very much aware of their own role in improving the perception of Dutch healthcare amongst their staff. On the other hand, we would like to invite you to participate in this process too and engage in a structural dialogue. Our common interest: managing and meeting the expectations of the international patient and thereby, creating interesting business opportunities.

Aim of the seminar is to provide you with a clear profile of the international segment (who is ‘the expat’?). Focus will be on interaction. We would like to increase mutual understanding of the business models underlying our services, exchange good practices and explore new solutions - responding to the needs of the expatriate population and increasing your business.

Global meets local You will meet representatives of both “the international patient” and “the local healthcare supplier”:

• HR & medical staff of the international employers ( the ICP members)
• Management and professionals in healthcare: GP’s, dentists, physiotherapists, midwives, hospitals, psychologists…
• Health & welfare service providers (ARBO-diensten)
• Health insurance companies
• Relocation support services
• (Public) parties involved in acquisition & account management of the IO’s & companies in the Netherlands



15:30 Registration

16:00 Welcome & programme - Nicole van Haelst, Director ICP

16:05 The International Community Platform - Wolfgang Förster, EPO / ICP Board

1615 ‘Great Expatations’ Healthcare as perceived by international employers & patients - Dr. Detlev Schüder, Director Occupational Health Service at EPO

17:00 Discussion groups (parallel sessions)

17:55 Wrap up & ICP actions 2011/2012 - Health Care Scorecard

18:00 Networking and drinks

18:30 Closure

Participating in the seminar is free of charge. For logistic reasons, please register online - before 21 November. A confirmation will be sent to you by email. Please note: your contact data will NOT be used for any reason other than the registration process for this seminar.

For more information or further questions please contact Nicole van Haelst, Director ICP via vanhaelst@ICPlatform.nl or 06 54980909.


European Patent Office

Patentlaan 2

2288 EE Rijswijk.


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