Autumn on the way? Damage time!

Falling leaves, inclement weather and the heating up again ... Autumn is a time for a lot of troubles and the risks increase...


Once summer is over, we head back inside. For many people this is a sad moment, but for others the change of season is a moment of redemption. During the autumn and winter, you'll be spending an increasing amounf of time indoors. It is also the time for large family gatherings. Santa Claus is coming, and some shops are already prepared for Christmas shoppers.


A great time of year, but also a time when your house is facing the most risk for damages, from wind damage to flooding, or perhaps unexpectedly, fire damage.


Your Superintendent | Prevention


· Check your gutters regularly on leaves. Check also for cracks.


· If you have a flat roof, check regularly whether there are too many leaves lying on the roof. This increases the risk of water damage.


· With a major storm, its is possible that roof tiles can be blown off the roof. Ensure that tiles are neatly lying on the roof. Replace broken and porous tiles immediately.


· Have the chimney swept. During the spring and summer, birds may have built a nest in your chimney. Chimney fires are frequent during this period. And if your chimney is not swept, you are not covered by insurance.


· Clean the air vents so the home remains properly ventilated. With good ventilation, the house is also less humid.


· Check out the boiler. Is it standing below 1 bar? Fill the boiler until 2 bar. Then you are sure of a comfortable home.


Your Superintendent | Offer


Want to be optimally prepared for the winter? Have your chimney swept! Through Your Superintendent, you are able to organise this. Our chimney sweeper is always visually checking the joints, the lead flashing, roofing and gutters.


Especially for this month, Your Superintendent will check the chimney for just € 27.50 per channel.


Sign up through sending a mail to by stating 'chimney sweeping'.


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