DutchbuzZ: 3 April programme

DutchbuzZ is an English radio programme that keeps you in touch with what’s going on in The Hague by interviewing the people behind the events, cultural, social and sporting activities in this buzzing city of ours!


DutchbuzZ is broadcast weekly on Tuesdays at 19:00 on the city broadcaster, Den Haag FM 92.0, and is available as a podcast on

www.dutchbuzz.nl for the rest of the week. For the latest podcast of the programme, click here.


In this week’s edition of DutchbuzZ:

- A series on international justice in The Hague. We speak to key people at the International Criminal Court and at the Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

- Our disgruntled consumer reporter asks the question: “What’s going on with the Dutch railways?” and

- A local food and health blogger says it’s time to “grow your own.”

The DutchbuzZ reporters have been:

- Having a look at the art scene in Rotterdam

- Visiting the Tree Hut at a popular city book store; and

- Having their heads read!

Our wining and dining duo this week looks at a forthcoming culinary event in the city and examines the seductive qualities of sage.



If you have interesting news for us, then contact Dutchbuzz at dutchbuzz@live.com. We are always on the lookout for volunteers with good voices and sound engineers.


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