DutchbuzZ: Week 24 April

This week DutchbuzZ is On Location at Madurodam!

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In this special broadcast from Madurodam, we focus on the importance of the youth to our city.

- Queen Beatrix officially opens The Hague’s miniature city, Madurodam. Yes, it’s part of her kingdom too!

- A young international in The Hague gives us her first impressions of Madurodam.

- We ask an expert the question: Does the recreational attraction have an educational value?

- We find out what is being done to cater for international autistic children in The Hague, and;

- Residents in city are asked to come up with original ideas that could make the city the cultural centre of Europe in 2018.

Our reporters have been:

- Speaking to an adventurous local cycling duo about their 18-thousand kilometre journey through Africa to raise awareness for the plight of refugee children in Darfur, Sudan.

- Interviewing the author of a whacky children’s book, and;

- Talking to a fashion guru about fashion trends for children in the Netherlands.

DutchbuzZ is an English radio programme that keeps you in touch with what’s going on in The Hague by interviewing the people behind the local news and the cultural, social and sporting activities in this buzzing city of ours!
We are here for the locals and internationals who have English as their common language. We hope you will come to regard us as ‘Your voice in the Netherlands.’

DutchbuzZ is broadcast weekly on Tuesdays at 19:00 on the city broadcaster, Den Haag FM 92.0, and is available as a podcast on www.dutchbuzz.nl for the rest of the week. If you have interesting news for us, then contact DutchbuzZ at dutchbuzz@live.com. We are always on the lookout for contributors with good voices and sound engineers.


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