Have your say about Kijkduin

The Foundation Beach Resort Kijkduin much treasures the opinion of Kijkduin’s visitors. In close cooperation with the Kijkduin Business Association, a survey has been created to enable people to voice their comments and suggestions about Kijkduin and its loyalty card.


If you wish to participate, please click on this link. Feel free to forward the link to people who are interested in, and care about, Kijkduin’s future!


To show our appreciation for the effort of taking the survey and helping us to improve Kijkduin, the Kijkduin Business Association offers a chance to win 1 of 10 €25 vouchers to be spent at any location in Kijkduin. You will be able to leave your contact information at the end of the survey.


The Foundation Beach Resort Kijkduin facilitates the promotion of Kijkduin as a recreational attraction. The foundation organises events that complement the atmosphere of the resort for the visitors of Kijkduin. One of the initiatives is a loyalty card "Friends of Kijkduin" that targets people who appreciate and visit Kijkduin.


This card entitles its holder to discounts and special offers in Kijkduin, as well as the free or exclusive participation in activities, events and lotteries.


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