Lecture: Women Designers of the Arts and Crafts Movement

DFAS (The Decorative and Fine Arts Society of The Hague) are hosting another one of their interesting lectures in Wassenaar at cultural centrum 'De Warenar' on Tuesday, 6 March. The lecture entitled 'Women Designers of the Arts and Crafts Movement’ will be given by Sally Hoban.


The English Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th century was a huge influence on the development of avant-garde European Design and even the birth of Modernism in the early 20th century. Many people are familiar with the work of male Arts and Crafts Movement designers such as William Morris, Sir Edward Burne-Jones Charles Voysey and William de Morgan, but women designers played a huge part in the movement as well and so far their work has received little critical attention.


This richly illustrated lecture examines the contribution made by women such as Jan and May Morris, Evelyn de Morgan, Georgina Gaskin as well as the work of recently rediscovered regional designers across the UK working in enamels, jewellery, textiles and painting. It will also include a look at women stained glass designers, such as Florence Camm, who was a talented 20th century stained glass designer and painter. Although her work is little known today, she soon gained international recognition and can be found throughout the world.



Sally Hoban has an Art History degree from the University of Birmingham, a certificate in public speaking from the London academy of Music and Dramatic Art and over twenty years experience in the antiques trade. Hoban has lectured extensively on art, design and antiques throughout the UK, to groups such as U3A and Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and at Birmingham University and Aston University. She is also the Antiques & Collecting Correspondent for the Birmingham Post newspaper and author of many publications including Miller's Collecting Modern Design (2001).


The lecture starts at 20:00; the premises opens at 19:30.

The entrance fee for non-members is € 10. A membership (which includes 8 lectures and other activities) is € 55 per year and € 90 for a couple.


For more information, visit www.dfas.nl.


De Warenar

Kerkstraat 75, 2242 HE, Wassenaar


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