Public lectures on American elections at The Hague University

The next presidential elections in the United States don’t take place until November of this year, but the election campaigns of the candidates are already up and running. Due to their impact on European politics, the department of European Studies and Communication Management of The Hague University is organising a series of three lectures with the Dutch expert on American politics, Willem Post, to explain to students and the public why this election is so different from the previous ones.


“The One Billion Dollar Campaign” was the title of the first lecture that took place on April 16 at The Hague University. It was focused on elementary American politics, the trend in media to “shake hands”, why money plays such an important role in American elections and the “bullfight” between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum to represent the Republican party.


The lecture’s title originates from observer’s assumptions that the current president Barack Obama is likely to spend this sum of money on his campaign: Although his promotion for re-election hasn’t started yet, his supporters have already raised 180 Million Dollars.


Willem Post is a specialist in American politics and foreign policy and a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Netherlands International Institute of International Relations Clingendael. During the US elections he visits the country regularly as well as appearing on Dutch national television on US related matters.


His second lecture “Lies as a campaign tool” will take place on Thursday, 10 May and the third and last lecture entitled “The greatest show on earth: The importance of national conventions” will be on Thursday, 24 May.


The lectures are held in English and take place in the aula of The Hague University and both start at 16:00. Attendance is free of charge and is open to everyone that is interested in this topic.


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