Match Report: ADO Ladies are the league champions!

Last Friday night was Ladies night at the Kyocera stadium. At 16.00 the stadium was opened for music and fashion shows to keep the people entertained before the 19.30 kick-off.

Why so early? Friday was a special night, for the first time, ADO were charging 5 Euros a tickets to watch the ladies play, and over 5000 people did, Part of the funds raised going to the charity ADO are strongly connected with “ Move Against Cancer.”


Storky with the ADO fans 


Before kickoff there were stores outside the stadium selling ADO souvenirs, drinks, mirrors and much, much more. Several shops from the city centre put on fashion shows which were well attended.


The atmosphere in the stadium was great, the noise generated by hundreds of girls under the age of twelve was high pitched and amazing, all added to the excitement. There were several “Mexican waves” that went around the stands that had everybody cheering loudly.

The game itself, the first half was a thrill a minute, end to end action. Goals from Renate Jansen in the eleventh minute put ADO on the road to victory. The bad news was Telstar had not read the script beforehand and equalized in the twenty sixth minute through Amber van der Heijde.


The tackles fly in 


ADO took the lead again when Tessel Middag scored in the twenty eighth minute. Seven minutes later Telstar shocked the home side again by drawing level, Desiree van Lunteren getting the goal. Telstar had certainly come to make a match of this, when everybody else seemed to be expecting an easy victory for the home side.

With five minutes remaining until half time, Middag put ADO ahead once more and that was how the score stood at half-time. There was some great news at half-time coming from the FC Twente game, they were losing to FC Utrecht, so at that time, ADO were champions, but as Telstar had already proved, the championship wasn’t won yet.

The second half was a little less frenetic, although there were still plenty of goal mouth incidents, but nothing major. ADO got breathing space in the match when Kimberley Vermeij got ADO’s fourth and final goal in the seventy-fifth minute.


The party begins 


The clock counted down until the referee blew his whistle. The substitutes charged of the bench to embrace the winning eleven. ADO were champions, FC Twente had lost at home to FC Utrecht, so ADO could now not be caught in the title race. The ladies went crazy, bouncing, jumping and screaming with happiness, and rightly so, this was a title they had deserved, being the strongest, fittest and most skilful team in the league. The fact ADO ladies had finished runners-up for the previous three seasons made this crowning moment even more memorable to those who had been at the club for those seasons.

The trophy was presented in the centre circle and the crowd chanted “Champions.” So much wild energy was in the air, it was hard not to get embroiled into the fever of excitement. Champagne was sprayed, players danced, coaches hugged and everybody partied.


Joyful scenes with the trophy 


A superb night for ADO, a title well deserved and won with two more games to play. Also coming up in May is the final of the ladies cup competition, is it the season of the double??


Attendance: 5, 800

Text & Photos by Neal McClimon


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