June 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 11:45 pm
various locations, The Hague city centre
Mondrian colours City Centre The Hague during ShoppingNight @ various locations,  The Hague city centre

This year, ShoppingNight on Friday 30 June is inspired by the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and the fact that 100 years ago the style was introduced.

The theme of ShoppingNight “Boogie Woogie Wonderland” is inspired by his last and maybe more famous painting “Victory Boogie Woogie”. A painting using only the primary colours red, blue and yellow with black, white and grey highlights. It is the dynamic of metropolis New York that you can see back in this painting.

On this evening The Hague’s city centre will be coloured  red, yellow, blue white and black and celebrate the night by opening shops and restaurants until midnight, great discounts, in-store activities and unique entertainment on the streets. Experience the buzz of a night in New York together with Piet Mondrian.

From Red Rumour until Yellow Yard

The Hague’s city centre will be  divided into Mondrian’s primary colours. Red Rumour in the Grote Marktstraat is the beating heart of the metropolis. Relax on the Mondrian stairs and plan out your route for the evening.

Experience the shopping safari from the red double-decker and  swinging music with The Hague’s own DJ Jen Min Lau.

Enjoy the performances from  amongst  others such as   Koorenhuis and the Cultuurschakel on Piet’s stage.

Take a plain white T-shirt or another piece of clothing and let Hector & Wolf create an awesome design. If at the end of the evening you come back to the Grote Marktstraat to pick up your t-shirt you will be surprised at 23:00 by the circus group Cirq’ulation with a spectacular performance: a mix of juggling, acrobatics, clownery, improvisation and fire!

Before it is over, you will  have all the time to enjoy jazz, just like Mondrian did. The Passage will transform into a black and white jazz club where you can enjoy jazz music, singing, dancing and black and white photos from the 40’s in New York.

The city centre colours blue. Street theatre and blue promo-teams will make sure that you will swing, bounce and roll through the Spuistraat, Venestraat, Vlamingstraat and Wagenstraat.

Even the little Mondrian’s can enjoy themselves during ShoppingNight in the Haagsche Bluf by designing their own pancakes from a printing machine! Feeling a little wild? Jump your heart out on the Mondrian bouncy castle.

In the Yellow Yard the yellow street theatre creates a sunny atmosphere! From a New York taxi to  yellow stages where several fashion collections will be displayed.

Keep walking towards Plaats because here you will find the artwork DJ Mobile 2.0 by the artist Olaf Mooij from Rotterdam. Feel like a party? At 23:00 there will be a sizzling party in front of Credo.

Shop till you drop

From 17:00 until midnight the entrepreneurs of The Hague will turn The Hague’s city centre into a lively party. Swinging DJ beats and delicious cocktails and bites. Special shop offers such as, the later in the evening the higher the discounts and awesome entertainment.

For the entire program and all the entertainment and discounts go to www.shoppingnight.nl