Bob Dylan comes to Rotterdam

  • Event: Bob Dylan comes to Rotterdam
  • Start: Maandag 03 October 00:00 - 00:00

The American icon Bob Dylan will be gracing Rotterdam's Ahoy Concert Hall with his presence on 20 October.


Are you a younger Dylan fan who has dreamt of seeing him live? Or are you tickled by nostalgia at the sound of his raspy voice; reminded of your youth when this singer, dubbed the Voice of Protest and the Voice of a Generation, bravely stated his controversial political views in his songs? Or are you curious to find out who he is? This is your chance to see the 71-year old legend perform!

Characterised by his harmonica, curly hair and lyrical song texts, Dylan has been known to bring poetry into popular music. His symbolic texts combined with a very unique voice and that Jewish charm will leave you very much affected!

Mark Knopfler, the greatly talented guitar player from the Dire Straits, will also be performing on the same evening! He will sing and play for us before the intermission; Dylan will be responsible for the second half of the concert.

The two have collaborated many times, resulting in the albums Infidel and Slow Train Coming. Together, they will be touring Europe this fall.

A legendary duo not to be missed!


When: 20 October 2011 ~ 20:00
Where: Ahoy Rotterdam, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA, Rotterdam
Tickets: €: 65+ service costs



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