RAGUS Irish Musical

  • Event: RAGUS Irish Musical
  • Start: Woensdag 23 September 00:00 - 00:00

Ragus will be performing Friday, 2 October at the Rijswijkse Schouwburg in a musical dance extravaganza not to be missed as part of their Europe tour.


As a fellow Irish man I wouldn’t be shy in raising an eyebrow at the epidemic of ‘fiddly-dee’ song and dance productions treading the boards these days. But although it may not be original, Ragus can certainly be said to represent the high end of this somewhat overcrowded market.


Ragus (which means ‘desire’ in Irish) are once again jigging and reeling their way through Europe with their lively and entertaining show. The theme of the show is based on an enchanting myth from the Arran Islands and boasts a troupe of world class dancers.


But it is not just the theatrics and the dancing which have made the show such a success – the band is excellent and the music is all that can be expected of a top rate traditional Irish pub session with some slow moving airs to boot.

Tickets are €29 and can be obtained from the theater’s website:  www.rijswijkseschouwburg.nl


Mark Hanna

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