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Eef van Breen album release party

(Tue 03 April 2012)

On 14 April the Eef van Breen Group celebrate the release of their new album Changing Scenes at the Zeebelt Theatre in The Hague. This will be a release party like no other with a unique concert performed by a team of actors, dancers and a choir.


Trumpet player, singer-songwriter, composer and arranger Eef van Breen is one of the most individual talents on the Dutch jazz scene of the moment. His debut album Playing Games (2010, Challenge Jazz) was unanimously praised by the press and caused a buzz in the music world. His sound is very much his own, original and daring, not in the least because of the remarkable line-up of trumpet/vocals, two violins, harp, cello, double bass and piano. Simply music of enchanting beauty.



On his new album, Eef van Breen plays around with changing contexts. The listener can imagine themselves as a character in a film. Dying footsteps, slamming doors, breaking glass and ticking clocks become a three-dimensional set with carefully wrought compositions.


Eef van Breen about Changing Scenes: 'I am not so much looking to wrong-foot the audience as much as surprise them with Changing Scenes, give them an experience that is more than simply auditory. As if they are film stars. Recalling images. I want to take it a step beyond, by embracing reality; the world we all live in. Not just the dream-eyed bits. Also the frustration, melancholy, energy and aggression. All aspects of man. That is done by changing context.'


Eef studied at the conservatories of Arnhem and The Hague with Koos van der Sluis, Beatrijs Korevaar and Jarmo Hoogendijk. In 2004 he took a study trip to the U.S. to learn from the legendary Clark Terry, Lou Soloff and Philip Harper.


Eef has performed both as a singer and trumpetplayer at festivals such as The North Sea Jazz, Jazz In Duketown, Den Bosch, the Heineken Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Atlanta Jazz Festival and the Estonia Tudengi Jazz Festival as well as concerts in China and Turkey.


As a composer, Eef has produced works for chamber muisc ensembles, theatre, and film, winning the Best Original Music Award 2004 at Filmfestival Reus in Spain. Some may be familiar with Eef as the composer of 'u,' the first opera in the Klingon language, billed as 'The first authentic Klingon opera on Earth.'


When: Saturday 14 April, 2012 ~ 20:30
Where: Zeebelt Theatre, The Hague
Tickets: €15
Bookings: Click here or check www.zeebelt.nl


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