The Hague’s public charging network provided electricity in 2016 for 10,626,297 clean kilometres. This is equivalent to nearly 266 laps around the world.

This means that drivers of electric vehicles charged 68% more electricity than in 2015. The electricity for The Hague’s charging network is being powered by windmills in the Netherlands.

More and more people are choosing to drive an electric vehicle. There are estimates that approximately 4,000 people in The Hague are now driving electric vehicles compared to 2,300 in the previous year. This means that there is also more demand for charging stations. In just 1 year demand grew by 48% from 430 to 638 charging points. The average consumption per charging point also increased greatly.

The municipality is investing in electric transportation by providing subsidy measures for electric cars, electric scooters or delivery bicycles and by placing charging points as well as fast-charging stations. Deputy Mayor Tom de Bruijn explains why the municipality is investing in this form of transportation: ‘Driving an electric vehicle is clean and contributes towards improving The Hague’s air quality.’