The Hague presented its housing policy plans on 19 April for the period until 2030. The Hague would like to build more subsidised housing and more homes in the medium-range price segment. In addition, more homes will need to be made sustainable.

The emphasis in the coming decades will be placed on urban living: compact, with a high concentration of facilities.

According to Deputy Mayor Joris Wijsmuller (Urban Development, Public Housing and Sustainability: ‘We need to build because we are growing. In doing so we are making our own local choices.’ Wijsmuller said that The Hague was the only one of the 4 biggest cities in the Netherlands which would be constructing enough homes for people in the affordable housing segment, spread through the city. The Hague is aiming for a diverse social-economic mix in its residential neighbourhoods.

Some 30% of the newly-constructed homes will be earmarked for subsidised housing. In addition, at least 200 fixer-uppers will become available each year for middle and lower income residents.

The Hague still has the ambition to become CO2-neutral by 2040. This will require extra measures to make homes more sustainable. Half of the city’s homes should have fossil-free heating in 2030.