Pauline Krikke, the mayor of The Hague, would like to know how residents view the Dutch tradition of lighting your own fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Take the survey.

This subject manages to stir up a public discussion each year, in the media and in the Municipal Council. A number of measures have been taken over the last few years, both at a local and at a national level, such as limiting the time during which fireworks may be lit and introducing a ban on fireworks in sensitive areas like around hospitals. Krikke now would like to know what is working well and what is not and is asking residents of The Hague to brainstorm on what residents can do themselves.

Vuurwerk (foto: Arjan de Jager)

Take the survey

All residents of the Municipality of The Hague aged 12 years and older can take a survey (in Dutch). It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete the survey. The deadline is Thursday, 29 June 2017.

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