The Hague has 4.4 million euro deficit

The Hague has left a difficult financial year behind. That is according to Deputy Mayor Sander Dekker at the presentation of the city’s finances for 2011.


The finance presentation showed that despite the cuts, there is still a shortage of 4.4 million euros.


The biggest disappointments were the increasing number of people claiming income support and the tens of millions of euros lost through the problems in the construction industry.


The budget deficit was limited by a number of windfalls, however. One such windfall was a refund from the Icelandic bank Landsbanki and the energy company Eneco, which also paid more dividends than expected.


The growing number of residents also contributed to municipal coffers and cuts in the health and culture sectors and retrenchments of public servants also saved money.


Possible additional savings
Dekker said more cuts will probably be on the way, following the criticle talks between the national government coalition partners at the Catshuis.


The alderman thinks there is still scope to cut, but the process is complicated.


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