The International School of The Hague - a ‘Mastering’ School

The International School of The Hague (ISH) has been re-awarded IPC accreditation at ‘Mastering’ level.


The ISH was the first IPC School in the world to achieve 'Mastering' level in its first accreditation and is now one of the first IPC Schools to be re-awarded accreditation at 'Mastering' level.



“This is a wonderful tribute to the hard work, dedication and focus of any school community and something worthy of significant celebration. What is especially good about this award is that it follows on from your earlier award as the first school ever to be accredited at ‘Mastering’ level. Your re-accreditation demonstrates how a school community can sustain great learning over time and sends another positive message to our member schools and other schools alike.” - Martin Skelton - Fieldwork education.



"We are all incredibly proud of our achievement and are indebted to the invaluable contribution made by all members of the school community. I would also like to thank my predecessor Graeme Scott who played a significant role in us achieving this accolade." - Kevin Rae - Primary Principal

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