Wassenaar jewllery shop robbed again

The jewellry store Koekkoek in Wassenaar’s Langstraat was robbed on Thursday morning for the second time in a short period.


The four robbery suspects have all been arrested.


One suspect was arrested with the help of other retailers. They saw the culprits fleeing the scene of the crime and gave chase.


Two more suspects were arrested in a car. A fourth suspect was fished out of a canal by the police. Presumably, during his flight, he stumbled and fell into the water.


Those arrested are aged 22, 25, 31 and 33 years and have no permanent address.


In the raid, the perpetrators sprayed pepper spray in a jeweller's assistant’s face.


She was taken to hospital for treatment. Another employee was held at gunpoint. The robbers made their brief getaway with a number of watches.


On 25 April, the store was robbed for the first time. The raid took place simultaneously with the deadly robbery on jeweller Stratmann in The Hague.


There is as yet no connection between the two robberies in the Langstraat.


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