When it comes to living in the Netherlands internationals  have a whole range of extraordinary stories.

For some the Netherlands is a place to have a good job and a nice lifestyle but for others it offers freedom and security.

In the latest Here in Holland podcast people from around the world share their amazing stories.

The podcast stories were recorded at a recent expat fair in Amsterdam.

People are always keen to share their experiences about living in  the Netherlands.

Well, at least after the initial shock of having a microphone stuck under their nose.

For a young same-sex couple from Brazil the chance to come to the Netherlands is a dream come true.

“We can walk hand in hand in the streets and kiss each other in public,” says Julia.

“In Brazil this not possible – there is a lot of violence against gay people.”

Check out this video fragment from the latest podcast.

Ukraine and Russia
Another couple I talk to have come to the Netherlands from Ukraine and Russia – they met online and left their home countries to come to Amsterdam.

“Here’s there’s more freedom and openness because of the openness of the people and maybe because of our history that is something different for us,” says Igor from Kiev.

Others are amazed by Dutch habits like making appointments for everything and the working culture of leaving the office at five on the dot.

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