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Marieke’s Student Scribbles: Happily Ever Continuing

All good things come to an end. But that doesn’t mean the ending cannot be good as well. That’s what Walt Disney has surely presented time after time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all find our happily ever after? To find that perfect partner, job and house? It would be wonderful indeed! Yet wouldn’t that be the most boring life too? In fairy tales characters aim to reach the highest goal: that of heaven. Or so they do when we translate the tale via Christian symbolism. I’m not a big believer in the man up there myself, but I surely believe in happiness. Yet happiness can be found during different parts of our lives, at different places and different times. In that happiness there is no definitive “ever”. The feeling of happiness fluctuates, much like the economy does. There is bound to be a great depression at a certain point, but an unexpected turn of events can bring the numbers up. It’s the gamble we all take. We may not be the creator of the game, but the rules we can make up ourselves. I prefer a bit more changes throughout life and finding something new and exciting at different places with different people. Endings do not have to be sad, they can be an opportunity and a great closure of something that has helped you grow....

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Marieke’s Student Scribbles: Holiday Aftermath

The snow just started falling while I’ve gotten out of my hot coco comfort zone. I’m back with my laptop wondering how these days always pass by so fast and why we don’t have more of them. It’s the Holiday Aftermath. It’s that time of year when the dread of going back to normal business starts hunting us. We want another gift. Another dinner. Everybody (no matter from how far they came) were together and it might be a long time before they again will be. The new year adds some icing sugar to our Christmas Hangover oliebol. Soon enough the new year begins where the old year ended: five pound weight gain, a little disoriented and wishing for things that you know will only happen if you act towards it. As for us students the Christmas Hangover oliebol trainwrecks its way into a New Year’s Hangover appelflap. But also in the minds of us all 2015 is a chance to reflect and make a change where necessary.  I’ll be joining you in your journey again in 2015 and will pave my way alongside yours. Still as a student and still with my quirky thoughts. Happy 2015! Author: Marieke van Mil Marieke is a student who completed an internship with TheHagueOnline.  She now writes a monthly column for us.  You can visit her blog...

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Marieke's Student Scribbles: NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo: a random selection of letters for those who do not know it and a time of writing until your brain pops for those who do.  The National Novel Writing Month is the ultimate event for those wishing to get their story out and make it into a publishable novel. And I’m entering it. I’ve known about NaNoWriMo for quite some time now, yet always found it too daunting to ever enter the competition. 50 000 words in only one month, that’s the goal. That means 1667 words a day. 1667 words! That’s quite a challenge isn’t it? Yes, it is. Especially for one that has to find time in between a fulltime internship and university and social obligations. I keep on looking back and ask myself: why did I even consider participating? I write all day through already and barely have time to keep up with my contacts. But isn’t that the worst excuse ever? “I don’t have time”. Time is something you make, not something you have. Even at its limit there are ways of making time. Using up each second of it to work towards your dream is never a waste. It’s what will create success. I should regard NaNoWriMo as a challenge and really push myself to finally get that first manuscript on paper. Or at least a first draft of it. Especially since I’ve been wanting to write...

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Marieke’s Student Scribbles: Celebrate the Unexpected

When it’s your birthday you expect a gift. If there’s an anniversary to celebrate, there’ll surely be a dinner. Christmas asks for presents and New Year’s Eve for a kiss. Yet the obligation seems to diminish the thought behind it all. If gifts for birthdays and other celebrations weren’t so rooted in society and not receiving something wasn’t regarded as an insult, I’d leave the gifts for unexpected moments. Giving something to a friend, who had a rough time at work the last couple of weeks. Offering to pay for lunch when my brother is low on cash. Making...

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Mariekes Student Scribbles: Studentrepreneurs

Mark Zuckerberg, James Flynn and Garrett Gee. You don’t have to be a 40-year old businessman to be a successful entrepreneur. Since the internet, starting your own company as a student is not an impossible objective anymore. Often only little investment is required. The right idea combined with internet savviness could be enough to begin what could become a business such as Facebook, BTM Cleaning or Scan. Studentrepreneurs are sometimes being ridiculed. Are students mature enough to start their own company? Don’t they find beer way more interesting? Shouldn’t they learn their life lessons before heading into the “real world”? One grows as a leader as the company is growing, no matter what age. Even though I’m sure experiencing what it’s like to work for a company gives you a head-start when establishing your own, I believe being a student is not necessarily negative. It might even have a greater positive angle to it, rather than a negative one. The world is increasingly about the here-and-now, the recent and the newest of the newest. A fresh, modern look at business models and the current market is required. Students automatically have more knowledge of what is a trend and what is new. In order to create a long lifespan for a start-up more than a great idea is required, true. But we cannot deny the main image of a company’s...

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Marieke’s Student Scribbles: Killing the Heat

Has your fan been running overtime? Did the mosquitos find their way through your window yet? Have you found your way to the store to buy those expensive sunscreens already? The temperature has been keeping the thermometer busy. Now, as the colour on the weather report keeps turning redder, a clear distinction can be made between two different types of people: those that go out looking for the sun and those that avoid it as much as they can. The first remind me of freshly cooked lobsters.  The latter are often characterized as being pale and walking around in their underpants all day in order to stand the heat.  Scheveningen is packed with under- and overcooked versions. A few are wise enough to put on sunscreen. Most do it once and then simply forget. Yet no matter what kind one belongs to the general picture of the streets during summer is a much brighter one than the one during winter. In all its lazy activity the world seems to be more alive and vibrant than it ever appears to be when snowflakes melt on our faces. It’s an interesting season, is it not? Both the fan right next to my head as I write this column and the swimming pool I got to dive into a few days ago are such a relief in the heat of the day....

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Marieke´s Student Scribbles: Duckface

Nobody seems surprised anymore: people selfieing all around trying to find the best angle for their Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook status. Isn’t it a tad odd to glance at yourself through your phone and find it necessary to take a picture of yourself nearly every half an hour? There’s nothing wrong with taking a picture of yourself every now and then. Really there’s not. My narcissistic generation has a dire need to look in the mirror and check one’s self out. But to do it every day or even every hour… My face doesn’t change. My nose is still the same. My lips and eyes will be no different in a new picture. It will not change in an hour or so. So, in order to add a bit of spice to picture no. 1000 people curve their faces into many different shapes. Most popular of all: the duckface. With lips pursed forward people create a most unappealing sight. In addition, the picture is mostly taken without embarrassment while in company. Or worse: the company is forced to join in for some duckfacing. And for what? To show yourself to your friends, who likely see enough of you and your (duck)face already to know what it looks like. Or is it merely to define yourself? Is it done to establish your own being, much like people kept a diary...

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Marieke's Student Scribbles: The Dutch Lion's Roar

Have you heard the Dutch lion’s roar yet? Or rather the high pitched scream the Dutch gave last Friday when they defeated World Champion Spain. Of course. How could you have missed it? If you haven’t seen it, you sure must have heard about it in newspapers, from friends or bold headlines spread across the internet. And if for some miraculous reason you did not find the patriotism of the Dutch via those sources, the extravagant flammable orange hats, garlands and wigs must have given something away. No, there is no denying it in this country. The World Cup is on and it was on last Friday. And that clearly comes forth in student life. Every single Dutch college friend of mine watches the FIFA World Cup with great enthusiasm. The internationals within my college year are much the same. And yes, Spanish were amongst them. Men oh men, haven’t they had a fun time after the match having to hear the swearing and battle cries of the Dutch after losing themselves. To think this is only the start of it. The Dutch go absolutely nuts merely thinking of the possibility we could win the World Cup this year. The roar of the lion grows louder with each match the Netherlands wins and those roars can be heard all the way to Brazil. But a lion’s roar tells nothing...

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Marieke's Student Scribbles: The Prospect of the Summer Holiday

Time keeps ticking away. And as the time flies by the prospect of a long summer is one that keeps a student going during the final exam week. That and coffee of course.    It’s what we students will be facing the coming weeks: final exams and maybe resits. And after the hard studying we’ve done a nice long summer holiday that lasts just long enough to get all pumped up for the next year. Those eight weeks mainly entail relaxing, taking some time off for once. YOLO all the way. It means no more uncomfortable intimacy with other commuters in the train each morning. No more learning and stressing about deadlines, exams and assignments. It means holiday and just that. It means sun and the beach and enjoying some time with friends. And after all of that is over I again feel prepared to head into a new year. Starting new courses with new teachers and attempting to really start in the first week again despite the fact we all know it is beer and parties that play the main character the first week of the new semester. My thoughts keep drifting as I stare into the sun, which always seems to be remarkably present during exam week. First is first: exams. Partying comes after. No matter what the results are. And we know how to party by...

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Marieke's Student Scribbles: How to Connect Without Internet

It’s a nightmare for anyone of my age: having no internet. Few bars of signal and failing to find free Wifi. A new home means some initial discomfort. No internet unfortunately is part of that discomfort for me now.   So instead of having internet at my new place I go to cafes, restaurants and libraries and pray the internet isn’t terribly slow. Sometimes I’m in luck and sometimes… well, at times I’m surprised my laptop is still in one piece.   That being said, the fact I have no internet back home also means a big source of distraction is taken out of my life. A book I wanted to finish for ages I’ve now almost completely read and I have time to spin through articles I had stacked away. But most important of all: I have time to learn for my exams and finish my deadlines. With no internet near the latter is that much easier.   I even seem to have time left now. Time to relax. And by that I mean actually relax: sitting down and enjoying some alone time.   Whether the benefits overrule the disadvantages I’m not sure. I do know the disaster I thought life without internet would be was a great overreaction and frankly a tad dramatic.   I’m actually not completely closed off of the rest of the world. Truth...

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