There are bloggers who think everything is great and lovely and there are others who have it as their life mission to cause chaos and mayhem at every opportunity.

Amsterdam Shallow Man falls into the second category.

This time in the Here in Holland podcast an in-depth interview with the man who describes himself as the most sarcastic blogger in the Netherlands.

Cultural minefield ahead? Then Shallow Mine runs straight on through stamping as hard as he can on the way.

“I first started as I saw all of these lovely and quaint blogs with people saying how great it was to be in the Netherlands – ‘oh look at me on my bakfiets, oh look at me with a stroopwafel’ – no-one was talking about the elephant in the room like why do so many Dutch people dress like they slept on a park bench.”

The man behind the Amsterdam Shallow Man blog is Brit Simon Woolcot – he started blogging a couple of years ago and quickly found a following for his style of comedy.

And he now has a substantial audience for his blog and on social media.

Dating is one of the Shallow Man’s favourite topics and he has guides to help expats through the dating maze.

He also has tips on fashion and learning the language – Shallow Man style of course.

And when it comes to sensitive topics the sarcastic blogger is not afraid from tackling even the most explosive issues.

“I was one of the first international bloggers to criticise the Zwarte Piet tradition – this was way before the whole UN thing and the broader international critique.”

“The hate mail I received was huge there was so much of it – so I now make sure it is an annual tradition for me to keep writing about it.”

Asked if there are any subjects that are off limits Shallow Man is adamant that everything is fair game.

“I think this is why I have built up such a large and loyal following,” he says.

“ People know I tell it like I see it – I have always been a sarcastic person and was making all these funny comments to friends before I even started the blog. It’s just who I am.”

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