PATCHworkZ organizes art workshops for chronically ill children and children with a sick family member, often referred to as youth carers. These workshops are done on location or  at the families’ homes, mainly for groups and fellow sufferers.

This year we are getting bigger:

On Saturday afternoon, June 17th, we want to invite at one time 250 families together  with a sick parent or child. 250 families? Where do all these people fit? In the Kyocera Stadium in The Hague. That will be big enough!

We will create a big Mondrian Stork on the field which will be able to be seen from the air. We are after all in The Hague, and it is the Mondrian year. This alone will be a huge experience, whereby  families in similar circumstances can meet each other.

The  families will choose a workshop during  which together they will make  an art piece.  Afterwards, they can take their  artwork  home. Building something beautiful together, that is what makes you happy. And if you can bring something beautiful home, everyone can see it and it will reminded of an amazing afternoon!

Furthermore we will have a quiz with fun prizes, activities  on the field such as  an obstacle course and maybe ‘someone’ will join us for a bit of music. And 250 families making art at the same time? That must be a record!

We think this is important, because growing up in a family with a sick father, mother, brother or sister is not always easy. Children worry and help with taking care. Plans to do stuff together? They often fall through. 

Are you, or do you know a family like this who deserve an afternoon of fun? Sign up on

We could also use a lot of help. So could you help us, or do you know anyone that could help us with sponsoring or volunteering with the organization or on the day itself? Let us know!

Time: 17 June 2017 from 13:00 -18:00

Location: Kyocera Stadion The Hague

Costs: none. It’s a present from PATCHworkZ and ADO because we think they  can use a day of fun.

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