The British School in the Netherlands prepares students for the future

On Thursday 9th November from 9am, The British School in the Netherlands (BSN) is organizing a TEDxYouth@BSN Event  themed: Big Bold World. TheHagueOnLine will be livestreaming the event for our readers. Simply click here to listen.

Globalisation is changing the perspective of identity, safety, relationships and life in general. How do we find solutions to the challenges we face, or do we simply embrace the benefits of an ever-connected world that is simultaneously bringing us together and pushing us apart? The BSN tackles this question at its inaugural TEDxYouth@BSN event, giving its students a different learning platform than in the classroom.

In discussing why they obtained a TEDxYouth license, CEO/Principal Kieran Earley says: ‘We need to prepare our students for the future and TEDxYouth is a platform to inspire and share ideas. As educators, we must prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist. With an open and curious mind, they will be able to tackle any situation that comes their way.’

BSN students will present topics like: ‘Self-Education is the Currency of the Future’ and ‘Unlocking your Inner Leader’. Keynote speaker Wendy Mensink will share her passion for space travel and her corresponding journey. In order to become an astronaut she would have needed to follow some type of technical study – even though this was not one of her strengths. She instead pursued graphic design and will share why it is important to follow your passions and dreams, because she has indeed made her way into space, in her own way.

Rowan McCabe, the world’s first and only Door-to-Door Poet, will take the stage.  He will show the students how we can reconnect with local neighbours, and how this just might help us to reconnect on a global scale. The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. More information: