Selling out, one of those tricky phrases that can have both bad and good connotations. Heaven forbid an artist make a little money by letting Mercedes use their song. I say great, rock on! I’m also happy to see how many artists are already Sold Out, sometimes months ahead. Just this morning, Eefje de Visser, Maan, First Aid Kit, The Kensington’s, and more.


Our local Acoustic Alley has enjoyed a run of four SOLD OUT shows. The cozy size of the venue assures me this will always remain a gezellig evening, but best be quick on buying the tickets!


On 17 November, Acoustic Alley brings us the Award winning duo of the Edgelarks. The Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin) are said to be one of the most surprising live acts of the British folk circuit. They are both vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, fusing together an interesting mix of traditional folk and blues with influences from Indian classical music.


Last minute planner? There are the “first come, first seated” events, such as those at De Maatschaappij.  Most Wednesdays they have music, which takes a bit of sleuthing via  PopagendaScheveningen and me 😉  By the time you read this I’ll have enjoyed the supremely talented George Boomsma (UK) and will be in early next week (15 Nov) for “A Brighter Light en Cas Ronckers.”


Friday’s top tip is a free seat at the Paard Cafe, where The Bad Tones will be playing. I love their mellow starts that soon pick up into Psychadelic Indie Rock.  Which brings me to…Plugged In!


Even I do not live by acoustic alone, and soon enough I’ll be bopping along to the tunes of “Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis” at the Paard. They’re a brother and sisters trio out of the UK, who, as described by the Telegraph, offer “A hot, sweet pancake stack of danceable tracks.” I love the sense of humour that comes through in many of their videos. The opening act, the Scarletinas, are quite tight too. Check them out here. That’s Monday, 13 November. That’s right!  Time to change it up a bit, shock that system of yours out of the Monday night blues!


So music buffs, this is just a taste. There really are some great acts about to take the stage so be sure to check out my musicbuff site for other treats worth travelling for. K’s Choice for instance in December, Selling Out as we speak!

See you in the footlights!

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