What happens when your dream expat job turns sour and

you are no longer happy let alone fulfilled and rewarded?

Podcast - Career in Crisis? Help is at Hand.

This time in the Here in Holland podcast an interview with O’ona Souissi, an expert on helping people get the careers they want instead of treading water in dead-end jobs.

Hear the common misconceptions which hold people back and get the fundamental principles to reignite your career.

So what is a career crisis? Basically, when your frustrations really start to mount and you begin to question everything and everyone in your organisation then you are entering the territory of career crisis.

What should you do?

Podcast - Career in Crisis? Help is at Hand.“The first thing really is to redefine your vision, it’s the one thing we neglect as we are so busy on a daily basis, but this is really your foundation.”

“The next thing that is even more neglected is doing your due diligence, validating your idea by speaking to people who are already busy in the field,” says O’ona Souissi.

The career expert says this second step also expands your network and gives you a broader idea of your potential new career focus.

Thirdly, after you have defined your new direction you have to get into planning. This will help you accelerate or change your career. At this point you look for interesting new organisations and come up with a plan of attack.

Having a roadmap will give you focus and help you avoid settling for easier but less meaningful options, according to O’ona.

Shadow market
It will even help you tap into the ‘shadow market’ of jobs which are out there but never actually advertised according to the career expert. It’s true for the majority of the jobs and even more so for executive positions, she says.

You shouldn’t just sit behind your computer sending impersonal applications but do proactive outreach towards the key people in the organizations you’re interested in.

Podcast - Career in Crisis? Help is at Hand.

A career crisis can be compared in some ways to a mid-life crisis too. There is often an urge to throw away everything which has been built up.

This urge should be ignored though and instead if you are feeling frustrated in your work you should see how your skills developed so far and can be honed or completed to get you going in the direction you really want to go in.

More often than not, the change doesn’t have to be dramatic – making specific smaller changes can also have a major impact on job satisfaction.

So, what to do if you are feeling like you’ve had enough at work?

“Take a step back, but don’t lose yourself in the trap of self-reflection. It’s easy to go to self- help books – there are a lot of them and some excellent ones – but what will make the difference is going out there and reaching out to people who are already doing what you think you want to be doing. You will quickly learn what it really takes and how to get there.” says O’ona.

You’ll find more resources from O’ona Souissi at Career on Purpose.

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