From dream to reality: TAIKA will take over the world with its unique Finnish sound.  Help us in our mission and support us!


TAIKA (‘magic’ in Finnish) is a The Hague-based Finnish choir. TAIKA was founded in 2012 by its conductor Master of Music Karla-Maria Toiviainen. The choir started as a small hobby choir of merely eight singers and has now grown into a serious choir of more than twenty singers. TAIKA has achieved a valuable role in the Finnish community in the Netherlands.


TAIKA’s mission is to promote Finnish culture and female choral music in The Netherlands, and around the world.


Due to the growth and development of the choir, making its own CD has become a clear need for TAIKA. It will be the choir’s own visiting card, and a story in itself. It will show who we are, where we come from, and what we do.

We promote Finnish music in a very international environment. For many of our concert guests, our choir performances are their first touch with the world of Finnish choral music. We try to present it in a versatile way, and this is why we have many folk songs in our repertoire, as well as works based on the poems of the Kalevala and Kanteletar. However, we want to present music in a youthful way, which is why the arrangements are often modern, fresh and youthful in spirit. The theme of the album is ‘roots’ (‘juuret’), as the roots of all TAIKA singers living in the Netherlands lay in Finland.

The first part of ‘Juuret’, the a cappella part, will be recorded in September 2019 in the world-famous Wisseloord studios in Hilversum.

However, TAIKA has an even more ambitious goal: For many years TAIKA has been working with Carolina Cortés, a Chilean female composer and filmmaker who lives in the Netherlands. She has written a piece for TAIKA, Campeón Finlandés, the text of which is based on a poem by Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean Nobel Prize winner, presented as a gift from the Chilean state to the Finnish state in the 1940s. This strong work will premiere in the Netherlands in the spring of 2020. It represents the power of multicultural cooperation. TAIKA would also like to record this fantastic piece  of  “Juuret” at a later date. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, this dream will also become reality.

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