The municipality of The Hague receives a compliment from the citizens’ movement The Hague Fossil free. The reason for this is the decision of the municipality to no longer cooperate with the Generation Discover Festival on the Malieveld by giving Shell a subsidy.

The municipality gives Shell – in contrast to previous years – no subsidy for the festival Generation Discover. The City Hall is also no longer going to support the event in any other way . Alderman Saskia Bruines (D66) announced this in a letter on Monday.

‘This shows that social support for Shell is crumbling and that citizens can play an important role in this’, says The Hague Fossil Free. According to the citizens’ movement, Generation Discover is a ‘sophisticated marketing tool’ from Shell. ‘With a fun, future-oriented festival about green energy, Shell is trying to acquire support to remain as long as possible as an oil and gas company. Not only with politicians and society now, but also with children.’

Heated discussions

‘The City of Peace and Justice can no longer be used for the green washing and child marketing of Shell,’ says The Hague Fossil Free spokesman Femke Sleegers.

The municipal contribution to the festival in recent years often caused heated discussions in the Hague city council. Parties such as GroenLinks, Partij voor de Dieren, SP, HSP and PvdA do not agree that the city gives money to a company that makes billions of profits and is, moreover, not sustainable in their view. That is why they submitted various proposals to ensure that the subsidy would be discontinued. The proponents always said that the festival is primarily intended to interest young people in a job in technology.


Photo: Shell