How do you decide which beach restaurant to go to? I usually end up falling into one, eventually, when my feet start hurting. The other day we ended up at Zanzibar Beachclub and thought I’d pass on the tip.

I loved the individual little barbecue they placed on our table. There are six variations on the BBQ theme, and in each case, you roast your own food. Slow and mindful: time to melt into the Latino groove and the setting sun. With the African themed décor, I had the impression that I’d gone on holiday to somewhere tropical, somewhere like Zanzibar…

The restaurant has lots of other things on the menu if barbecues aren’t your thing. The four young, English-speaking professionals next to us took burgers. The servings were impressive and the guys looked particularly happy after the second round of cocktails.

Two things caught my attention. The first was that, for a busy late Sunday afternoon, the small army of waiters provided quick and friendly service. The other thing was that the African theme is not just a gimmick. Owner Lex Geraerdts’ brother works in Zambia and through him Zanzibar Beachclub supports anti-poaching conservation efforts. If you order certain dishes on the menu, Zanzibar’s owners top up their yearly contribution to Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) by 1 euro per meal. My Rosé tasted even better with fond memories of East African savannahs.

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By Diane Lemieux