If you’re still unsure whether summer is here, just take a stroll towards the beach at Scheveningen. Along the way you’ll see fathers teaching sons to row in little boats at Westbroekpark, you’ll see toddlers running loose with goosegrass, and finally you’ll see young couples dipping tentative toes in the breaking waves at the water’s edge.

It might only be 19 degrees out, but that’s more than enough to warrant some vitamin sea.

Zanzibar Beachclub, at least, has been operational since March 1st this year. The Beachclub is located directly in front of the iconic renaissance revival Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, and it can be identified by the baobab tree sculpture on its roof. Descending the steps from the boulevard, the savannah vibe is enhanced by wooden décor throughout, and an arrangement of wooden carvings that look like a multistory leapfrog session captured in mid-air.

One is greeted almost instantly by the aromatic smell of a barbeque.

“We offer ‘Cook it yourself’ barbeques everyday,” says manager Lieke Priester, “they’re really popular.”

The idea is essentially this: the Zanzibar team bring one of their portable barbecues to your table, and let you grill to you heart’s content. Rare or well done – you decide.

“We offer fish, meat, and vegetables, and you just grill like you would at home,” continues Lieke. “It’s a nice, cozy way to have lunch or dinner, and it’s great for a first date.”

Looking around at the late morning crowd on a weekday, there doesn’t seem to be many first daters showing off their spatula skills. But the day is young – for the summer months, Zanzibar Beachclub is open from 9 a.m. until 1 a.m, seven days a week.

Also popular, apparently, is the music. After a couple walk by and comment out loud on the mellow, lo-fi sounds, Lieke admits that they get that reaction a lot.

“Music is our passion,” she confirms. “Lex, my partner [and owner of Zanzibar Beachclub], and Sven, one of our bartenders, are always competing to to see who can find the most relaxing music. That’s our goal – and as you can see, our speakers are sufficiently big for the entire boulevard!”

As late morning turns into midday, the sun spices up the atmosphere. A young family enjoy a cool drink whilst their children busy themselves digging for Australia a few metres away. Couples are beginning to walk by hand-in-hand, flirting and making gentlemanly gestures to take a seat. A natter of girlfriends soak in some rays over glasses of wine. As if crowning this early May promise of summer, a drift of chargrilled spices then floats by on the sea breeze.

To get in touch with Zanzibar Beachclub for a booking or inquiry, please email Lieke: lieke@zanzibarbeachclub.nl.

Or visit the website: www.zanzibarbeachclub.nl