The former owner of the   Michelin  star  Han Ting  restaurant, chef Han Ji has opened a new Chinese restaurant called  Zheng.  It is  a culinary experience where the four most important Chinese cuisines, rituals and ceremonies play the leading role.

The signature menu of the new restaurant consists of twelve so-called ‘chapters’, with each chapter revolving around a different Chinese cooking technique.

Also, a different aspect of Chinese culture and tradition is central in every chapter. The culture is expressed through an art object that is placed on the table as a ‘conversation piece’. You  also experience  eating  the dishes from different tableware from various regions, which have been made especially for Zheng.

This is a wonderful menu and experience  for a special occasion, be warned you need an entire evening to enjoy this culinary delight.

If you don’t have an entire evening to entertain your taste buds there are other options on the menu.


Zheng has designed three beautiful dishes: the Emperor’s Supreme Collection. These  innovative and surprising dishes, depending on the dish, are prepared in three stages at your table. You can also order the dishes separately.

Chinese rituals and ceremonies play the leading role in  Zheng dining experience. The name Zheng (pronounced as: Tsung) is a reference to the imperial banquet that was served to senior officials the day after Chinese New Year.

Many of the special ingredients used in Zheng’s kitchen are not available in the Netherlands and are imported especially by chef Han Ji.

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