Class Teachers – Flexible Working Register

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Class Teachers who have experience of working in Foundation stage up to Y6 to join our cover team of flexible workers.  It is essential that candidates can demonstrate an up to date knowledge of the English National Curriculum and Assessment for Learning.

Flexible workers do not have fixed working hours but fill temporary vacancies or cover for colleagues who are absent from work. The hours may range from 0 (zero) to a maximum of 6.5 hours a day; the working day is 8.30 – 16.00.

The BSN is home to over 2300 students from over 80 nationalities.  We encourage high aspirations and challenge our students – supporting them as they learn and grow into confident individuals.​  At The BSN you can expect to be working with motivated students and talented professionals who are passionate about children and learning.

If you would like to join our team please apply direct via our website:

– Please detail your preferred location, hours of work, and why you should be the

ideal candidate to work at the BSN.

– Any offer of employment is subject to receiving satisfactory references, copies of your

qualifications and a satisfactory police check (ICPC in the UK or Verklaring Omtrent

Gedrag in NL)

You will receive an automated response confirming we have received your application and if you are a suitable candidate you will be invited to interview with our Deputy Headteachers.

The closing date for applications is 19/03/2017