The European Union has a population of over 500 million, of which around 350 million persons are able to vote during the European elections. This makes it one of the biggest electorates in the world. These millions of people can influence important decisions about the future of the EU and the challenges we face: from migration to climate change, from youth unemployment to data privacy.

Have you always wondered how the EU affects the lives of 500 million persons? Why not take a quick look on the multilingual website What Europe does for me?

Now the best part:  if you are  an EU expat living in the Netherlands, you can vote here or in your home country. How? The so-called ‘How to vote?’ mobile app from Y Vote  gives you all the information you need. You can find it in the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

Maybe you think, “I already knew all of this, but my European colleague never votes, I have to tell him.” That´s great! Five years ago, the average turnout in the EU was only 42.6% and in the Netherlands even lower: 37.3%. With the website, the European Parliament  wants to motivate people  to vote and help them  to motivate others to do the same  on order to obtain a  higher voting turnout. Check it out!

The European Parliament Office in The Hague will organise an event on December 3. At this event, you can share your ideas on how to increase the voter turnout and they would like to hear how they can help you! There will of course be drinks afterwards. You can register here. They hope to see you there!