September 10, 2018 – September 18, 2018 all-day
Prinsjesfestival 2018

This  festival offers a program full of activities in the week before Prinsjesdag. Prinsjesdag happens every year on the third Tuesday in September and is the highlight of Dutch democracy. During Prinsjesdag, the budget and next year’s political policy plans are announced by the government through a speech delivered by the King to the two houses of parliament. The event is surrounded by a lot of ceremonial glamor such as the King’s arrival in a golden horse carriage (the “Gouden Koets”).

Prinsjesfestival Foundation

The festival is an initiative of the Prinsjesfestival Foundation. The Foundation has the status of Public Benefit Organization  (ANBI) and has a committee of recommendation, curatorium, program board, juries, committees, working groups and program facilitators, as well as some support staff.


Every year, the Prinsjesfestival is led by a theme. For 2018 the theme is:  ‘Democracy:  From us! For us! By US?!  | To watch or participate in our democracy’. The theme focuses on the involvement of citizens in our democracy. It wants to appeal to people on their own responsibility for our democracy, and also encourage people to take it. After all, democracy has a shared ownership. There is no place for non-commitment: ‘Do not ask what democracy can do for you. Ask what you can do for democracy. ”

Guest province

Prinsjesfestival offers a podium every year to a province. In this way, the festival wants to bridge the gap between the court city and the rest of the country and ensure that the festival of democracy is not just a party in The Hague but a party for everyone. In 2018 the province of Gelderland is strategic partner of the Prinsjesfestival.

During the festival the province has organised various activities that have a direct relationship with the themes Food, Health and Sport (‘Food, Health and Sport’). Would you like to know more about the special contribution of the province of Gelderland during Prinsjesfestival 2018? Click here.

Opening of the Prinsjesfestival

Prinsjesfestival is officially opened every year with the presentation of the Prinsjespicht. This year the Gelderse Prinsjesdichter Wout Waanders writes the Prinsjespicht. The poem last year was written by Levi Weemoedt.