May 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:45 pm
Lange Lombardstraat
2512 VP
Den Haag
'16 Minutes' by Matteo Pasquini @ Randstadtheater

“Each one of us has a role and a responsibility in pursuing civil rights and freedom, but it is so easy to acquiesce and to surrender.”

16 Minutes takes the audience on a journey through democracy and civil action as safeguards for citizen freedom in the age of digital surveillance.

We start with a theatre performance that centers on a reunion between the two childhood friends Mabur and Ulin, the latter of whom lives abroad and has returned home for a short visit. Slowly but surely, a daunting shadow creeps into the ambience, when the new political realities of Ulin’s home country start interfering with each friend’s individual fear and aspirations. Will their age-long friendship survive the recent political changes?

After the performance we engage the audience in a conversation about citizen freedom and digital surveillance.  Sourcing from local and global examples of increasingly invasive digital surveillance practices, we reflect, speak up and share as a community.

The results will be collected in a pamphlet that will serve as a catalyst for continuing critical public conversations about democracy and technology.

A 7MRP Theatre Group and kladlab collective co-production.

-The event is in English-