Please note this event lists the English-spoken nights; the event will also be in Dutch. See the website for more details.

The Angst factory is a fictional place where techniques to scare us and products that make us feel safer are developed, tested and perfected. From (fake) news messages to unconventional safety gadgets, this fake fear factory cleverly responds to our social fears of terror and climate change. The public now has the chance to take a look behind the scenes at this fear producer, because the Anxiety Factory has no secrets. Or is it?

The NRC : ” It is only in the dressing room that we come to our senses. There we are confronted with the individual consequences of our work. When we step outside we promise not to let ourselves be held hostage by fear anymore. “

Eindhovens Dagblad : ” After a one-and-a-half-hour hostage-taking, you not only come out a bit dazed, but also more critically. “

Focal point + : ” What kind of fear I am myself, is confirmed again when I step into the factory “.

De DUIC : ” Through the convincing actors and realistic setting, it is soon forgotten that the play is. “

Leidsche Rijn region : “The Angst factory is not a fairground attraction, escape room or the set of a horror film, but a well thought out concept.”


De Angstfabriek is a theatrical pop-up experience, developed by Critical Mass . Critical Mass develops exhibitions, installations, films and games that open eyes and allow people to reflect on their own attitude and behavior. In this way, we initiate conversations and activate people to commit to an inclusive society.