October 9, 2019 – October 13, 2019 all-day
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2019


AFFR investigates the relationship between film, city and architecture by programming and showing films and by organizing introductions and debate. 

An architectural film is about the meaning of city and architecture in a broad sense. It portrays cities, buildings and their designers; shows that architecture cannot be understood without its environment or examines the role that the city plays in our daily lives. It is not uncommon for architects and urban planners to turn out to be powerless gods and their designs, once realized, have very different meanings and functions than anticipated. 

AFFR programs documentaries and feature films from home and abroad about all this. Complemented by introductions, discussions and debates about the present, the past and the future of architecture and urban design. 

After eight editions, AFFR has grown into a world-leading film festival for architects, city lovers, film enthusiasts and students. The festival connects a wide audience with new and existing places in the city and thus contributes to the power of Rotterdam as an architectural city.