September 28, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Keizerstraat, Prins Willemplein and the beach (Beachclub Boonoonoonoos)
'Back to the Coast' Choir Festival 2019 @ Keizerstraat, Prins Willemplein and the beach (Beachclub Boonoonoonoos)

On Saturday 28 September 2019 from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm the largest FREE Korenfestival of the The Hague region will take place again: “Back to the coast”! After 3 successful editions, this Choir Festival will also burst in full force in 2019. Some 1700 choir members will present their talent to a wide audience at Scheveningen.

Back to the shore

On 8 indoor and outdoor stages in the heart of Scheveningen – Keizerstraat, Prins Willemplein and the beach – no fewer than 45 choirs with members of different ages perform a unique singing spectacle. The choirs of Back to the Coast come from the region of The Hague and further from all over the Netherlands and England.

Spectators will enjoy singing in many genres. From pop to musical, from rock to theater, jazz, classical, gospel, shanty, rounds, close harmony and chanson. The input from Scheveningen includes the YMCA Pop Choir (organizer and initiator of the festival and the Schevenings Vissersvrouwenkoor. The full program is announced on www.terugnaardekust.com. All choirs introduce themselves on the Facebook page ‘back to earth coast day’ in the run-up to the festival .

Special guests and historic culture market

The festival starts with a massive “Inzing exercise” on the main stage at the Oude Kerk in Keizerstraat, led by television presenter and choir conductor Gregor Bak, supported by the famous mop orchestra Foutje Thanks. Other special guests for the 2019 edition are soprano comedian Francis van Broekhuizen and Decibelles, an English choir that has received an Award for the best a cappella women’s choir in the Blackburn region. Unique to the festival’s programming are a Cossack choir, two police choirs, the Re-Flax choir, Korenslag finalist and one of the best gospel choirs in the Netherlands: BlackGospel Experience Community Choir.

There are also free singing workshops for the visitors, led by Gregor Bak and Francis van Broekhuizen. Back to the Coast also offers a cultural-historical market and especially for Back to the Coast, the Scheveningen costume can be seen again. Of course the festival goer can enjoy a lot of snacks, drinks and offers from the local entrepreneurs. The choir festival is concluded jointly with a special “beautiful moment”.