December 26, 2018 – December 31, 2018 all-day
Beach Bonfire @ Scheveningen
Every year from 26 to 31 December the construction of the Scheveningen Bonfire takes place at the Noorderstrand in Scheveningen. On the 31st, the bonfire will be lit!

This is a Scheveningen tradition with the aim of organizing the highest bonfire in the Netherlands. The bonfire is lit by a fireworks show on New Year’s Eve around midnight and is free to visit. From the boulevard of Scheveningen you have a good view of this gigantic bonfire. So enter the new year with a bonfire and fireworks.

Every year Scheveningen (the Noorderstrand) and Duindorp (the Zuiderstrand) battle for the title of the ‘highest fire’ of the Netherlands with old and new. This is a year-long tradition from generation to generation that keeps the emotions busy both in Scheveningen and Duindorp, but also in the rest of the Netherlands. 

Many people join in the bonfire from young to old and it is not for the fight or for socializing to see each other again. For many Scheveningers, the bonfire is just as important a tradition as Flag Day and for some the most important period of the year !! 

Fireworks show
Dream Fireworks will also light up the New Year fire this year in a spectacular way and will also bring in specialists from Spain to take care of the biggest fireworks show in Scheveningen. There will also be several artists and DJs this year during the building of the bonfire and on New Year’s Eve to make the party complete on the beach of Scheveningen. So go out with a blast at the end of the year at Scheveningen!