Poppodium Paard Den Haag and video interview platform FaceCulture present the first Hague edition of ‘Behind the Music’ on Sunday December 16th. During this interactive interview evening full of unique visual material, none other than Spike is the main guest.

Should we introduce this prominent Hagenees and standard bearer of DI-RECT and The Deaf even further? For years a child at home in the Paard and a welcome guest at the biggest festivals. Responsible for a treasure chest of music and undoubtedly full of beautiful stories and juicy quotes. Spike looks forward to the evening. “It will be a surprising evening as Martin (FaceCulture) and I go back a long way, and he is a journalist with whom I have had many nice and open interviews over the years.” I expect a journey through time, probably still remember everything, and I’m going to do my best. ”

Behind the Music
In Behind the Music, host and interviewer Martin Kuiper and Spike look back on his career on the basis of old FaceCulture interviews with him. During the long and impressive career of Spike FaceCulture spoke regularly with the musician. “I first interviewed Spike in 2006 and through the years I followed him with great interest Spike is a fascinating musician and as a person he has been through a lot, I expect a beautiful evening full of wonderful stories about the highs and lows The successes with DI-RECT, the departure of Tim Akkerman, the restart with Marcel, his rock n roll image and the adventures with The Deaf will all be covered. ”

Other people
In the run-up to the evening Kuiper interviews a number of (prominent) people close to Spike about the guitarist. Fragments from these interviews are shown for the first time on the night and are therefore also a surprise for Spike himself. All images will form the theme for an interactive evening with a big role for the audience. An evening without taboos and with perhaps answers to all your pressing questions. “Tim Akkerman, for example, described his relationship with Spike as water and fire and talks openly about his farewell to DI-RECT.” Besides Akkerman, Spike’s mother, his band members and other important people from Spike’s life also give their opinion about their son, fellow band member and friend.

Visitors may freely ask questions to Spike during the evening. Tickets cost € 12.50, including 2.50 service costs.

About Behind the Music
Behind the Music is an evening-filling interview program in which guests are interviewed on the basis of images from old FaceCulture interviews and new interviews with guests from their immediate surroundings. Visitors can expect an intimate, open-hearted evening in which they really get to know the main guest. The guest closes with something unique. This can be a short intimate performance or an explanation of how he or she works. The evening lasts two and a half hours and guests are given ample opportunity to ask questions to the main guest. In earlier editions in Hedon in Zwolle and 013 in Tilburg (under the name Plug In), among others Sticks, Mark Jansen from Epica and Kovacs were guests.