Jeugdfestival Boekids reinforces this year’s festival formula with an extra festival evening, especially for young adults: Boekids UP. The expansion is entirely in line with the change of course in 2018, during which the festival period was moved from the cold March month to the warmer June, so that the festival grounds could also expand. Boekids offers children and young adults a festival experience with a challenging literary, musical and theatrical program and interactive workshops. In the run-up to the event, Boekids University will present a series of lectures from, among others, André Kuipers in the Museon from 7 to 10 May.

Especially for young adults, Boekids introduces the first edition of the Book Evening UP this year for the first time. Photo: Fred Ernst.

Book guide UP: how the smartphone generation embraces literature
During the new festival night Bookguide UP, young adults meet national and international young adult authors. The festival offers young people who have enjoyed the Boekids Festival with pleasure in recent years, but have grown older, an evening that fits their age.

Director and programmer Ellen van Heijningen explains: “Despite the ever increasing use of smartphones, reading never gets out. We even notice that the young adult genre, literature for young adults, is more popular than ever. Through Instagram and Snapchat young people participate in so-called reading challenges and share photos of the books they read. Boeku’s UP seamlessly fits in with our mission to bring peers together to discover the power of literature, for example by linking this to other popular expressions, such as hip hop. Book guide is the festival where children and young adults are taken seriously and adults can be just as kids again. ”

During International Book Guide, international authors Renee Watson and Katherine Rundell and the young writers Jaap Robben and Brian Elstak will be making their appearance. Jan Terlouw Junior performs with The Nightclub, there are book films, workshops to attend and there is an almost inscrutable escape room.

Book festival festival route: Spinvis, the story whirligig and more

One of the highlights of the festival is traditionally a spectacular main performance. This year that is Four stories and one day (6+) of Spinvis, Introdans and Saartje van Camp, a fairytale about the future and freedom for all ages. Also to be found along the Boekids festival route: Pépé Smith with Fred (very stubborn) deer, a story whirligig, a lively festival and book market with food trucks, the Illustration Café, the Workshop Paradise, Meet & Greets with writers and much more.

Book University: lecture by André Kuipers

As a prelude to the Boekids Festival, Boekids University will take place in Museon and the Nutshuis from 7 to 10 May. Professionals, authors and familiar faces give lectures about their field. André Kuipers, for example, tells how he survived in space on Tuesday, 7 May, and what a space mission involves, says youth literature writer Bas Haring on the age-old question ‘Who am I?’ And explains emoji expert Lilian Stolk the world of the fastest growing (visual) language ever.

About Youth Festival Book Guide
Boekids has been the leading festival since the first edition in 2003 that encourages, enthuses and challenges children and (young) adults to discover literature. In 2019, the festival will expand with an extra festival day, Boekids UP for young adults. Besides Boekids Festival and Boekids UP, Boekids University is organized from 7 to 10 May, a series of interactive lectures for primary and secondary education. Boekids University asks questions, offers answers and challenges them to actively participate. For more information, go to