December 27, 2018 – December 30, 2018 all-day
Carnivale The Hague

Festival Carnivale The Hague offers a winter fairground of yesteryear with fun and entertainment from all corners of the world. Discover a magical world in the Huijgenspark in The Hague with thousands of lights, artists, warmth and cosiness. Crazy, beautiful tents that you enter to make bizarre things with it. During the day it is fun for the whole family, and in the evening the raw edges open up in the shadow of the flames in the fire pits…

Magic, wonder and bizarre experiences 
Carnivale brings together in the dark, quiet days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as extinct acts and attractions. From the 1.5 million Volt Man, the fire eater, the flea circus, dwarfs, waders, burlesque dancers and the organ man to the head of Jut, the whirligig and Dr. Pickens Electrical Cabinet. All this immersed in a mystical cheerful atmosphere. De Parade but different: magic, wonder and bizarre experiences for young and old. Do not miss this special event during the Christmas holidays!

During the day and in the evening
Carnivale offers special experiences during the day for young and old. In the evening, the festival site in Carnivale Obscure will change where you can enjoy spectacular acrobatics, fire artists, sexy dancers and many other exciting attractions after a nutritious meal, walking along the rough edges of society. Everywhere in the square, the heat of the fire glows and in the large restaurant you can warm yourself up with an old-fashioned stew and other traditional delicacies. At 22:30 there is a big final show, after which the party continues with exciting acts and live music in the various tents.

Food and drink 
You can drink food during Festival Carnivale in the large catering facility. Old Dutch stews, soups and other simple meals are served here for both meat eaters and vegetarians. In addition, you will find fragrant goulash in the gypsy tent. Of course you can also enjoy poffertjes, hot chocolate, good coffee and plenty of Glühwein during this winter event. You pay for your consumptions with Carnivale coins.

Entrance tickets for Carnivale can be purchased online through the festival website. Below you will find the different prices of the tickets.


Festival Carnivale will also take place in the Huijgenspark this year. The Huijgenspark is a beautiful city park in the center of The Hague. As one of the oldest green spaces in the city center, Huygenspark has its own authentic atmosphere, which is partly determined by a number of beautiful surrounding buildings.

The Huygenspark is best reached by public transport. Thanks to its location at Station Holland Spoor it is easily accessible by train, tram and bus.