September 12, 2018 all-day
Pres. Kennedylaan 5
Den Haag
Ticket Deal at Omniversum @ Omniversum

On Wednesday September 12 Omniversum has another event in store for all children, parents, teachers and masters. For only 6 euros you can go to a large-scale film such as BBC’s Oceans: Our Blue Planet. Moreover, you can make a VR Ride for 1 euro and there is a free Oceans Treasure Hunt through the Hague film theater.

The oceans extend from the North Pole to Antarctica, from California to South Africa, from Australia to Miami and to a depth of no less than eleven kilometers. Thanks to new technologies, the BBC could be kept further in the unknown search than ever before. This allowed the makers to film strange, fascinating creatures, such as an ingenious tusk fish that uses tools in the coral reefs to open its food and a cunning squid that hides in the underwater forest for predators behind a screen of shells. Other protagonists in this spectacular large-screen film are dolphins, sea otters, polar bears, walruses, tuna, eagle rays, sea urchins and lesser-known ocean dwellers such as yeti crabs, sea cucumbers, lantern fish and striped crabs. On the 840 m² screen of Omniversum – equipped with 36 speakers, six channel digital sound and six subwoofers for noticeable bass – BBC’s Oceans is a breathtaking experience.

Except for BBC’s Oceans, on September 12th, there are still several other fascinating large-scale films in Omniversum for just six euros. Keep an eye on the website for the final program. And there is even more to do in the Hague film theater that day. For the young visitors there is an exciting and instructive Oceans Treasure Hunt and all children can make a VR Ride on presentation of a film ticket for only 1 euro, where they experience what André Kuipers experienced in real life.

Due to the deviating price, movie tickets can be reserved online before September 12, but not purchased online. Tickets can be purchased at the front desk.