January 16, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
De Warenar Kerkstraat 75

Chinese export painting is the subject of the first lecture of the new year. This is a specific painting genre that originated in the course of the 18th century. In that period, Chinese painters started to manufacture Chinese porcelain, paintings and drawings specifically for export to the west. These differed greatly from traditional Chinese painting in terms of subjects, technology and choice of materials. The Chinese responded to the demand of Western merchants and painted themes such as port views, nature and daily life. In the Chinese tradition, the calligraphy of, for example, poets’ texts was more central. Chinese export painting has long been an underestimated genre. Since 1949 the awareness has grown that it is a unique art form and has been given a place in Chinese art history.
Marie Claire Valck Lucassen has lived in many places in the world, including in Asia. Here her fascination with Asian art started. She studied art history and was a guide in the Asian Civilizations Museum and the Peranakan Museum in Singapore. Now she organizes tours in the Mauritshuis, Museum Voorlinden and the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. She also gives lectures and courses on Asian art and other cultural-historical subjects.