December 22, 2018 – January 6, 2019 all-day
Christmas Circus The Hague
The Christmas Circus is back during the winter break at The Hague’s Malieveld, bringing a highly entertaining collection of dazzling acts by performers from all over the world.

In a fairytale-like richly decorated tent, Christmas Circus The Hague (‘Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag’) present a top show with dozens of acts by international performers. Humour and spectacle await the thousands of visitors from around the country.


Large Christmas circus The Hague presents pure world sensations. Everything is taken out of the closet to give you an unforgettable afternoon or evening with the whole family. Enjoy sensational acrobatics, award-winning comedy and the latest special effects. Large Christmas circus The Hague unites the best of the international circus world in the arena and is unique in the Netherlands. The music is also live and showgirls support the show. On this page you will find an overview of our artists. Do not miss our show!


For over 20 years JIDINIS has enchanted the whole world with its “signature illusions” and its Magic chic Unique. An explosion of magic, dance and fantasy with fantastic showgirls and spectacular effects. They belong to the absolute world top and had collaborations with, for example, Disneyland, Tivoli Park Copenhagen, Cirkus Scott Sweeden, Arena denmark, and worldwide TV shows. Enjoy JIDINIS. You will be surprised.


One of the world’s strongest men, Janos Kis, shows a series of achievements that leaves you stunned. From bending steel rods in the shape of a horseshoe to playing with chainsaws. Kis’s incredible performance is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the show. You will be amazed when a 3-ton jeep drives over him. You must see this to believe it!


 The daredevils John Martinez and Milton Paz Gonzalez will let you sit on the edge of your seat with their bizarre performances in the legendary Globe of Death. The most dangerous trick ever completed. See how the duo experiences G-forces similar to those of a fighter pilot, while walking vertically and horizontally and encased in an iron cage. This is one for the car enthusiasts.


He seems to have run away from a fairy-tale book. The Dutch clown Frenky makes children’s hearts beat faster with his sympathetic appearance and comical reprises. Behind the character ‘Frenky’ the artist Jan-Zeger Plug is hidden. An experienced artist who sparkled in countless large circus productions. Among others, the large Dutch Circus Carré and the Krefelder Weihnachts Circus are examples of this. He also stood for years in the arena of Circus Herman Renz. Meanwhile, Plug does much more than just circus. He wrote a children’s book (the world of Frenky & Frank) and is also a male behind the scenes. At Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag, however, he plays his favorite role: that of clown. An honest, comical and occasionally moving clown that fits the classic circus metier.


A speaking master is a member of a circus. Groot Kerstcircus The Hague has appealed to baritone Bert Simhoffer for this role. And with that we have connected a professional to the show. Simhoffer is mainly a singer and actor from home. He played leading roles in dozens of operettas. In 1999/2000 he made the switch to musical and sang (main) roles in, among others, Annie, Oliver, Titanic, Only on the World, Passion, Merlin and the mystery of King Arthur, Rembrandt the Musical, Tintin and the Sun Temple, Anantevka and Mary Poppins. He was circus director of the Circus Anton Pieck in the Efteling, played the Zonnebloem Theater tour ‘Katharina Ballerina’ (2012/2013) and jumped for Ernst Daniel Smid in the musical ‘Aspects of Love’. At the end of 2014, Simhoffer became the sales steward at Wintercircus Maastricht, produced by Hillenaar Events in collaboration with the world famous French circus director Joseph Bouglione. He played this role again at the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016. In December last Simhoffer played the role of Santa in The Christmasshow in the Ziggo Dome, together with Karin Bloemen, Jamai, Carlo Boszhard, Buddy Vedder and Nicolette van Dam. During the Christmas holidays he is now your charming – in part singing – host of Groot Kerstcircus The Hague.


After these three daredevils have been on tour for 10 years, with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, the sensational Danger Troupe is back. High above the circus ring they will amaze you with their extreme and sensational stunts on the Wheel of Death.


Elaine, or as she is called today: The princess of the air, started her career at the age of 6. For the girl from Ireland it was immediately to the top. Her trapeze act at a height of 15 meters went flawlessly during her television show for the famous Billy Smarts Christmas Circus. Since then Elaine has worked in many countries for the biggest circuses in the world. Over the years, Elaine has perfected many different circus acts and also played a number of important theatrical roles, including Sleeping Beauty and Cats. Elaine plays for the first time in The Hague, where she will surprise you with a different kind of act, called ” the fast change! ” She looks forward to performing for the Dutch public and advises you to blink as little as possible. , because you do not want to miss anything from this act!


They give extra flair to our performance. The girls have a lot of experience in both the circus world and outside. They provide the extra showbiz and they go all over the top with their costumes. You will see our dancers in the Christmas holidays in the piste of Groot Kerstcircus The Hague.


Especially for this Christmas performance, this trio flies from Africa to the Netherlands, and is literally and figuratively a highlight of the performance. With this amazing act they will give the show of their lives on the high wire and will let you forget the existence of gravity just above the piste. In short, a world class act!


Vicky comes from a musical family and has been playing in bands since she was 13 years old. She once played with her brother and uncles in a circus band. Especially for this show, Vicky comes from Ireland to the Netherlands to give a stunning solo on her drums.


Love is in the air. Aerial Duo Straps is a dance that typifies a romantic poem of two people in love. High in the circus tent you can find the duo where they perform an overwhelming act, entwined in canvases, without security elements.


All from St. Petersburg we present you .. Our Hoola Hope Queen Miss Irina Danilova. With her flexible hips she will completely surprise you.


This lady is only 15 years old and was born in a real circus family. During her tour through England with the Moscow State circus she learned her first steps on the wire at 9 years of age! Ksenia on the wire is called ‘true perfection’. She leaves everyone amazed again and again.


Stefanie was a dancer at a young age and then followed a university education to become a professional dancer. After her studies she started training at a traveling circus school. She got a job from the circus school in no time, so she can be seen at Groot Kerstcircus Den Haag with a breathtaking act with a huge umbrella!


This duo is perfectly matched. For example, they show a hand-to-hand act together, which requires a lot of strength and balance. They come all the way from Uzbekistan to the Malieveld to give a new meaning to the Malines with a special act as two “dolls”.


This enthusiastic clown is coming to the Netherlands especially for Groot Kerstcircus The Hague from Mexico. He is energetic, charming, cute and of course incredibly funny. He has made people all over the world laugh and is now in the Netherlands for the first time!