December 16, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Haagse Kunstkring
Denneweg 64
The Hague
Christmas Concert @ Haagse Kunstkring @ Haagse Kunstkring

Maria, Berceuses and the Delayed: 3rd in a series of 6 multidisciplinary concerts with music, poetry, video and visual art on the theme ‘Whores, saints and other women’

With something for everyone, the concert includes musical thoughts about darkness and light, glory, motherly love, fear, injustice and tenderness.

Justyna Notes, violin
Janneke Schaareman, mezzo-soprano
Simon Marlow, piano

Italian, English and Russian traditional and modern Christmas music with compositions by Vivaldi, Durante, Handel, Nietzsche, Puccini, Braga, Woodward, Tippett, Eisler, Berio, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.

The ‘me too’ movement once again put the woman and her vulnerability firmly on the map. This is necessary and important, but the shadow sides are people’s opinions and damage to great artists, musicians and actors. A collateral damage that does not make you happy!

And yes, women are vulnerable, used and humiliated, but can also be tyrants, saints, madonnas, sacrificial or desperate mothers, witches, creative geniuses, vengeful nuns, whores and divas. For example, Cleopatra, Maria, Circe, Medea, Lady Macbeth, Madonna and the Foolish Mothers. “Whores, saints and other women go about this kaleidoscope of women’s power.

The two Marys, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, symbolize the (unconscious) prejudice that we still have in Christian culture: a woman is a saint or a harlot. The saint gives birth to children, preferably immaculate, keeps morals high, forgives her husband through thick and thin. The harlot seduces, is out of money and destroys family and society. The ‘me too’ movement also responds to this. Unless whores, women are powerless victims. Men, on the other hand, abuse lust and power wherever they can.

In the program the female power and power is celebrated, in colors and variations. They all pass by: bacchants, furies, hostesses, witches, poets, composers, soldiers and mistresses.

Justyna Briefjes studied violin at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Peter Brunt with whom she obtained her first phase diploma in 2001. In May 2003, she completed the 2nd phase program at Kees Hülsmann. In addition to the conservatory, she studied 2 years of art history at the University of Amsterdam. Justyna played and performed in the Noordhollands Youth Orchestra where she was concertmaster. Furthermore she was part of the National Youth Orchestra where she was captain 2nd violins, the Schleswig – Holstein Musik Festival Orchester and the Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester, with which she made tours throughout Europe. Justyna has been stuck in the Residentie Orkest since 1st March 2004 as captain 2nd violins. She also plays a lot of chamber music, including the famous The Hague String Trio. She followed masterclasses with Mauricio Fuks, Herman Krebbers and Alexander Kerr. Justyna plays a violin from the school of Panormo (London ca. 1790), made available to her by the National Musical Instruments Fund.

Janneke Schaareman (1979) studied singing at the Conservatory in Arnhem with, among others. Tom Sol and Elena Vink. She followed masterclasses with Alison Pearce, Carolyn Watkinson and Jard van Nes and continues her classes with Sylvia Schlüter and Meinard Kraak. Janneke played roles as Third Lady in “Die Zauberflöte”, Tancredi in “Il Comattimento di Tancredi and Clorinde”, Sourceress in “Dido and Aeneas” and the leading role in “Carmen” at Opera Zuid. Furthermore, she participated in various projects of YO! (International Youth Opera Festival) and has sung fashion shows in Paris and Amsterdam for Peter George D`Angelino Tap. She is a singing teacher at the Toneelacademie in Arnhem (ArteZ) and sings in many chamber music ensembles. She is very successful with her rendition of Kerry Woodward’s ‘In wrinkles of an elephant’ on text by Theo Monkhorst.

Simon Marlow studied piano and chamber music at the University of Cambridge with Ivey Dickson, Lilli Raeburn and Manoug Pirikian. Simon is an internationally sought-after supervisor of singers and instrumentalists. He has performed and performed in almost all countries of Europe, China, New Zealand and the United States. He made several CDs with music by, among others, Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Reger and Arnold Bax. In addition, he has been working for the Luscis Trust in London for more than ten years, a school for spiritual development and world peace.

With mulled wine and Christmas wreaths. Access free, donation is appreciated.