January 4, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Malieveld, The Hague
Circus of Horrors @ Malieveld @ Malieveld, The Hague

The most notorious circus of the world (according to themselves) is coming to The Hague! For the ‘Circus of Horrors’ you must have a strong stomach (and be over 16) because there are acts that will disgust and amaze you all at the same time. “It is a lugubrious horror show that creates a huge adrenalin kick from the beginning to the end!” says spokeswoman Maroeska Bakker.

Who created such a bizarre circus? His name is Doctor Haze. He grew up in a classic English circus where he learned to eat fire, among other things. He had a bad relationship with his father and one day he ran away. He wanted to do something heavy to amaze the audience. “I never thought that the combination of horror, rock and circus would be such a huge hit,” says Haze.

Of course they do not want to give everything away, but there are a lot of special acts in this circus show. Air acrobats Hairculian Diva reached the Guinness book of records with her act. What does she do? She swings her hair through the hall and in the meantime she juggles and is even on fire…

All these crazy, impressive, dangerous and horrifying acts and more can be seen for two nights only at Malieveld in Den Haag. Tickets are available in limited supply.