This interesting and educational excursion has been developed for tourists from both home and abroad.
Under the professional guidance of our 2 experienced guides, we will introduce you up close to the Hague approach in the field of water management and coastal defense. Something that sets us apart worldwide! During this tour you will see in a fascinating and entrepreneurial way which water facilities The Hague is rich in, its diverse flora and fauna and what our beaches offer.

The tour lasts 3 hours and can be done both by bike and on foot.

‘De Blauwe Lijn Tour Kijkduin’ starts at the Duinkijker, the center for connection and vitality. You will be welcomed here with coffee, tea, cake from The Hague and a short but exciting explanation. After this, we go on the road with you!

What can you expect and where …

The sand motor : 21 million m3 of sand in the form of a hook as a temporary peninsula off the coast, so that the coast grows naturally. Here are many coastal and wading birds, and the newest hotspot for surfers is the inland lake.

Natura 2000 and Westduinpark: Nature areas and dunes, dune forests, dunes and ponds with important flora and fauna such as the famous Scottish Highlanders, foxes and birds.

The Strand: Our fantastic coastline with its boulevards, beautiful wide beaches and piers in the North Sea. Fantastic recreational opportunities! In addition, we also look for shells and fossils.

The Duin Picnic: To conclude, we will keep a healthy Picnic in the open air.

Extra information: This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. If necessary, bring rain gear and put on good and easy shoes or boots.